In 1982 The Garw Valley had seen a spate of teenage murders. The Police had no leads and no suspects. The villagers decide to take matters into their own hands hoping that the crimes will come to an end. After the execution of their suspect, the mutilation doesn’t stop for two years.


Forty years later the Garw is plagued by teenage murders once more. The parents of all children in the area are petrified. Once again the Police are baffled with little evidence and the lack of DNA. The villagers want answers.


Then a national newspaper sends an investigative reporter into the locality. He feels he is getting negativity and hostility from some of the locals. Gradually he finds more than he bargained for.

Anthony Fallon finds out that secrets can kill.



Detective Inspector Mike Carter has brought down the Police Officer that has been feeding information to the criminal fraternity and taking bribes of tens of thousands of pounds. Now he has to take the bent copper's place as Detective Chief Inspector.

A girl is attacked in her own home. There is one problem. She claims the attacker is her ex-fiance who perished one year previously by falling from a cliff top. The investigation opens up a can of worms as DCI Carter and his team find out that she has been married three times before and each time her husband has met a grizzly end.

DI Bolton, one of DCI Carter's most trusted and loyal officers suggest an undercover operation to try and get someone close to the suspect. It could take months but time is not on their side.

The Femme Fatale must be brought down before she plans her next victim. Anyone who stands in her way is now at risk.



No one would believe him. The teacher and three of his accomplices had taken away his innocence at the age of twelve and from then had taken away his life. He felt ashamed and guilty. Nathan Hunter disappeared from life never to be seen again.


Forty years later, paedophile teacher Glynn Tonkiss is arrested for thirty-six distinct aspects of rape and sexual assault dating back as far as 1976. He is relying on the evidence of the three high-profile accomplices to lie under oath and prove that his accusers are nothing but ‘child fantasist.’ But one by one, his witnesses are disappearing.


The Police protect the defendant who now has a price on his head. He is being pursued two different unknown entities. Glynn Tonkiss is as frightened as his victims.

Glynn Tonkiss should be.



Detective Inspector Thorpe is due for retirement but takes on one last case before hanging up his gloves which turns out to be his hardest to date. There is a serial killer on the loose in Plymouth and the surrounding area which both he and Detective Sergeant Carter are finding hard to track down.

When International author Byron Maddocks is murdered, the Sun newspaper send Investigative Reporter and personal friend of the author Jack Dempsey to try and make sense of the death and give the newspaper the story of a lifetime.

Set-in modern-day Plymouth, this explosive thriller takes us through the lives of both the Police Officers and the serial killer ending in a thrilling battle of cat and mouse resulting in a twist in the ending setting the question, ‘Do you really know who your neighbour is?’



Based on a true story, Stephen Bishop has had to grow up from a very young age. He has had to endure the death of his brother, father and mother by the age of twenty.

Bullied and ridiculed from a very young age at School he struggles with life from the start. Then at age 14, he receives unwanted attention from a school teacher and is sexually assaulted. He doubts his own sexuality. He falls in love. He gets outed to his family.

Things begin to snap in his head. Stephen Bishop has had enough. Revenge is a dish best served cold. The longer you wait, the colder it gets.

A sad story of how life treats its own.



There is a stalker on the loose in Plymouth. DCI Carter and his team have a task on their hands. The only evidence that they have is purely circumstantial full of coincidence and nothing more. No DNA. No witnesses. No CCTV that they can use effectively. Mark Wilson, a criminal psychology student is one step ahead of the Police, highly intelligent with an in-depth knowledge of Police procedures. There is nothing that they can do.


After suffering abuse nearly four years previously, Mark Wilson sees the girl responsible for instigating the attack. Now he wants retribution. Karma. Payback.


Mark Wilson is that stalker. But is he a murderer responsible for the deaths of five friends of the girl that he is stalking?

Stalker. He watches her from a distance. He follows her around. He is obsessed with her.

Retribution. Karma. Payback.



Detective Inspector Carter returns to work after the brutal death of his wife at the hands of Adrian Ashley-Thornhill only to find that a body of a young girl has been found in the same area that his wife was murdered. Part of the ritual performed on the corpse would indicate an act of sacrifice through Devil worship.

Three days later another body is found. This time it is the daughter of Plymouth drug baron Jimmy Whiteford. Thinking that it could be something to do with a rival gang, the gangster makes it known on the TV and Press appeals that he will stop at nothing to find the culprit and that they will get what they deserve. 


As the Police now question their own investigation, forensics indicate through DNA that there are two killers. DC Johnson has two suspects in mind whilst DI Carter has to stop a potential gang war and prevent further acts of ritual Satanism at the same time. He has to find the killers before Jimmy Whiteford does.



Adrian Ashley-Thornhill. Calm. Collective. Psychotic. Owner of several businesses by the age of twenty-seven. Lives as a recluse in a mansion on the outskirts of Plymouth. His inner self worships the Moon and it had made him the way he is. Thinking that he was guaranteed a rebirth at the end of his current life he sacrifices young people to the Moon Gods, decapitating their bodies whilst they were awake. Pure mutilation.

Detective Inspector Carter. Calm. Collective. Expert in his field of detection. Leader. This time he was going to be tested to the limit and was relying on his experience as a Detective to catch the unknown killer. All he needs is the killer to make a mistake. All he needs is help.

Alex Caldwell. Criminal Psychologist. Intelligent. Perseverant. Capable of thinking just as the killer does. As usual he needs to think one step ahead. It is easier said than done. Will he succeed?



The Jenkins family lived a simple life and reaped the benefits of hard work through their own successful consultancy company. They notice that their teenage son has become withdrawn and starts to go out in the evenings, not returning until the early hours. That is until his mutilated body is found in an old cemetery, devastating the lives of the Jenkins family.

The Police have several suspects but do not have the evidence to bring them in or arrest them.

Paul Jenkins decides to take matters into his own hands and leads the retribution against those responsible in order to avenge his son’s death, playing two of Plymouth’s most violent drug gangs off against each other and risking the lives of the rest of his family as well as his own.